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"Plenty is equal parts nourishment + delight. We love filling our bellies with food that’s as filling + truly nourishing as it is beautiful + tasty.

We’re definitely veggie-philes: the more whole grains, leafy greens, root + cruciferous veggies, seeds, nuts, sprouts + pods we can put in our mouths + bellies, the better!

We also love cheese + yogurt + a moderate amount of animal protein (organic + pastured + local as much as possible), though we’re very happy to leave/swap out any of these items for our vegan/vegetarian friends.

We’re deeply inspired + delighted by the food we’ve experienced in our travels to various countries in the Mediterranean: fresh-picked herbs, bright acidity from lemon (or vinegar), + spices like sumac, cumin, + coriander, creamy cheeses + yogurts, tahini + chickpeas, + of course, all the freshest vegetables we can find.

Plenty brings our passion for healthful, nutrient-dense eating together with our love for the flavors + cooking styles of the Mediterranean."

Plenty is offering two menu options, which are available from January 25th-31st for $20 & $35 (plus tax & tip).
Simply mention "Lakeland Restaurant Week" to your server and Enjoy your feast!
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For Information call: 863 603 8135
Mention "Lakeland Restaurant Week" to your server
Find out more about Plenty here